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Vacation - Monday Musing, July 13, 2020

Dear Church,

Vacation. To go on vacation is to get away from our regular occupation and/or our usual day-to-day routines. Is it possible to sneak in a physically distanced vacation this summer in the midst of a global pandemic?

In previous years, Mark and I would be vacationing on Cape Cod this week, a summer ritual that we have enjoyed for decades. I oftentimes referred to this time away as going on a pilgrimage because The Cape is a place of special importance to me. Yes, we were getting away from our same-old routines, yet not escaping my occupation and faith.

On a pilgrimage one draws closer to their faith, thinking, musing, reflecting, praying, reading, walking, as well as resting and recreating. On vacation we are not taking a break from God – God certainly does not take a vacation from us.

This summer is indeed different than we have ever known, thanks to the coronavirus. Our family visits, special dinners, summertime events are all impacted by COVID-19. So perhaps the vacation we all need to take this summer – even if only in our minds – is not an escape to a special place, but rather giving up the idea that complaining about the global pandemic will make it all go away. Maybe we should take a vacation from our disappointments about this summer on The Cape. Yes, we are physically distanced, masked, some businesses are closed, and others have reduced capacity, but you can still go on vacation, embracing our faith as we think, muse, reflect, pray, read, walk, and yes rest and recreate wherever we find ourselves.

The vacation we might plan this summer is not sneaking away to a different place, it is going on a pilgrimage right here in this place – a place of peace wrapped in the arms of God’s love.




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