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Our Labyrinth

We invite you to walk the labyrinth.  There is a single path to the center and then back out.  Throughout the ages the path to the center has been used to meditate on problems, sins, or concerns that are holding each individual back.  The center represents the meeting with the holy, forgiveness and liberation.  The return path then is joyous and celebratory.  

Labyrinths have been used in Christian meditation since the 12th century when they were included in the floors of many cathedrals.


Early labyrinths date back to the time of King Minos on Crete and in early Grecian societies.  It is thought that labyrinths became popular in the Middle Ages as a substitute for travel to the Holy Lands during the Crusades.  Many early pilgrims completed the labyrinth on their hands and knees -- much as some pilgrims complete the Holy path in Spain today.  Our labyrinth is a copy of the pattern used at the Chartres Cathedral in France, probably the most well-known of all the early labyrinths.

Our labyrinth was painted by a small group of church members who love the labyrinth experience and are eager to share their experiences with others.  

However you choose to experience the labyrinth, we know it will be a special experience for you.  This is a place to unload your burdens and feel God's grace in your own personal life.  


Young and old are welcome!

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