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Church Life

While the Sunday Worship service is the center of our church life, the Church thrives with many activities, both regular weekly events, as well as special events that we sponsor or actually run (Church Fair) that bring us together in fellowship as a Christian community and bind us with our wider Cape Cod family.

As the image to the right indicates, ours is a multi-generational congregation, where young and old interact fellowship, support, and joy!

We are always looking for ideas to keep these vital community experiences rich and inviting, so your ideas are most welcome!

Pastoral Care provided by our Pastor, Rev. Darren Morgan.

A look at the people and events within our church.

No Facebook account needed to check out cool goings-on not included in this website.

See what being a member means at The Federated Church of Orleans.

A special time to meet and greet with friendly faces following the service.

What giving back means and all the ways to do it.

Learn about the greatly appreciated act of planned giving.

A popular and permanent fixture at the church that is open to anyone

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Habitat for Humanity church
church bake sale
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