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Welcome Visitors!

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Greetings! We welcome your visit.


“No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” 

We hope you will feel this way on your first visit the moment you enter the doors of The Federated Church of Orleans on Main Street in Orleans, MA. 


Worship at The Federated Church of Orleans is for everyone. We are mostly an older congregation, desiring to be multi-generational, and we welcome people from all backgrounds. Our church is accessible with an elevator and hearing assistance devices. We have AC cooling in the warmer months and abundant heat in the cooler months.

Dress Attire

How to dress is up to you. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will see some people wearing jackets and ties and others in jeans, shorts, and t-shirts.

The Sanctuary & Worship

The sanctuary, where Sunday worship is held, is located on the second floor. We have an elevator for those requiring accessibility. Turn left when you get off the elevator, where you will be met by a Deacon.


Please let the greeters know it is your first time attending. We ask our visitors to sign the guest book in the lower narthex, listing basic contact information so we can reach out to you after your visit. There is no obligation to do so. Members and friends do their best to wear name tags so you can get to know us - we hope you will make a visitor name tag so we can get to know you.


Once in the upper narthex there is a small table where an “order of worship” bulletin is found that outlines the day’s service. One of our Deacons will answer any questions you may have about the church or the denominations with which we are affiliated – the United Church of Christ & Unitarian Universalist Association. If time allows, the Deacon may introduce you to our pastor, The Rev. Darren L. Morgan.


Our Sunday worship, which generally lasts about an hour, begins with the pastor welcoming everyone who is in attendance along with some general announcements.


Parking is located adjacent to/behind the church. Accessible parking is available.

Entrances to the Church

Most people enter the church through our accessible side entrance on Meeting House Road, but you may also enter through the front doors on Main Street. From the side door, upon entering, turn left and walk to the front of the building (main entrance). You will be greeted at the front doors (lower narthex) by a couple of church members.

Visiting with Children?

Children are always welcome during Sunday worship. We are a family-friendly church that doesn’t mind the restless noise of little ones. It is fine with us if your youngsters are rambunctious. The sound of children is the sign of a healthy church.


Church School is not currently offered. Youth usually stay with their families during worship. We believe the best way children and youth learn is experiential, so they are welcome to experience worship in a multi-generational way.

After Worship

Following worship, you will be greeted by our Pastor at the bottom of the stairs in the lower narthex (lobby). You are invited to join us afterward for fellowship, coffee, and snacks downstairs in our vestry. It is a wonderful time to ask questions and get to know members of the church. To learn more about our church, click the "About Us" link below...

Families and children are warmly welcomed.

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Dating back to 1646, the history of the church can be felt within its walls.

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