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Care for Creation

The Care for Creation Team is one of the Federated Church’s newest ventures.

 Founded in August, 2016, we adopted this statement of purpose:

Recognizing that we worship the God who created the universe, our planet Earth, and all living creatures; honoring God’s command to cherish and care for the Earth; and affirming the beautiful but fragile gift God has given us in the land and waters of Cape Cod, we are gathering a Care for Creation Team.

Caring for creation.jpg

Since then, we have achieved the status of Level 1 and then Level 2 Green Congregation per the UCC's guidelines, been a leader in the formation of the Faith Communities Environmental Network within the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative.

Our work is in three chief areas:

Sensitizing the Federated Church community to the ways the Christian faith generates and sustains active engagement with care for our planet Earth, climate change, and other environmental challenges;

Helping FCO members recognize and implement practical steps that the congregation collectively and members individually can take to be effective environmental stewards  here on Cape Cod; and

Collaborating with other groups in Orleans and beyond that are engaged in environmental work and advocacy.

Our regular meeting time is the second Sunday of each month, at 11:15 am, in the church’s  Fellowship Room.  Visitors are always welcome! Cheri Tyree  is our chair.

Below is a video from our 2017 Caring for the Earth: Lenten Reflections series with a special led by Rev. Dr. Paul Minus entitled, "'The Bible, Loving the Earth, and You' Part I," in which Paul connects his personal journey and love for the ecology of the Cape with a greater proposition to undertake environmental action as members of the church. In the second creation story in Genesis, we are told that Adam was placed in the Garden to "till it and keep it" (Gen 2:15). As children of God and inheritors of the Earth, Paul helps us to see why this relationship serves to reinforce our responsibility in caring for creation.

Level 2 Green Congregation.jpg

"'The Bible, Loving the Earth, and You' Part II" led by Rev. Dr. Paul Minus below:

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