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Governing Structure

As a congregational church, we are self-governing but also stay “in covenant” with the local, conference, and national structures of the UCC and the UUA.  The work of governance takes place through the efforts of the Cabinet and Boards (elected for specified terms), and Committees (volunteer or appointed), as well as annual and specially-called meetings of the congregation.

Our Church Cabinet is the primary leadership committee which oversees and coordinates various dimensions of church life.  The Cabinet includes the Chairs of the four Boards and the officers of the church.


Our church Officers are:

Moderator – The lay leader of the church who also chairs the Cabinet: Dallas Jones

Vice Moderator – Fills in when needed in place of the Moderator: Mike Brink

Treasurer – Oversees church finance: Bill Stoeckert; Ernie Rogers, Associate

Clerk – Serves as secretary to the Cabinet and Annual Meeting: Sue Miller

Our four Boards are, along with the Chairpersons:

Deacons – Worship and Spiritual Life. Liz Jones & Martha Grogan, Co-Chairs

Trustees – Property and Finance. Mary Lee Mantz, Chair

Spiritual Enrichment – Education and Membership. Jen Clark, Chair

Living Mission and Action – Outreach to the community and world. Amy Boyle, Chair

We are covenant members of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and of the Universalist Unitarian Association (UUA).  We are also members of the Southern New England Conference of the UCC and the Barnstable Association of the UCC.

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