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Singing - Monday Musing, October 26, 2020

Dear Church,

Singing. The Psalmist writes, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing” (Psalm 100:1-2). Since we are not worshipping in person, have you been singing? I don’t mean humming a tune in the shower or following along with the refrain to a song you hear on the radio. Have you been gladdening your heart by singing a favorite hymn?

There are many hymns that bring a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Simply hearing the tune is enough to stop me in my tracks. Music has a way of reminding us of events in our past; it can lift our spirits when we are low, improving our mood. Did you know that there are health benefits of singing? Research has shown that singing releases endorphins into our system and makes us feel energized and uplifted. People who sing are healthier than people who don’t. It is said that singing is an effective stress reliever and even improves sleep.

Studies into the health benefits of singing conducted at Canterbury University showed positive associations between singing and feelings of well-being. Almost half of those interviewed said they received spiritual benefit from their singing (and not necessarily through spiritual music). Does this resonate with your experience? If you have been following our worship services online, have you been singing along? Do you miss singing in a congregational setting? (I sure do!).

The Psalmist reminds us to sing. “Sing to the Lord, sing praises; tell of all God’s wonderful acts” (Psalm 105:2). In 1869, Baptist minister Robert Wadsworth Lowry, who is credited with multiple hymns, wrote the song, My Life Flows On in Endless Song, which is sometimes titled, How Can I Keep from Singing?

My life flows on in endless song; / Above earth’s lamentation, / I hear the sweet, tho’ far-off hymn / That hails a new creation; / Thro’ all the tumult and the strife / I hear the music ringing; / It finds an echo in my soul – / How can I keep from singing?

Did you read these words or sing them? The Psalmist says to make a joyful noise – we don’t have to have a perfect voice. So, while we still are not able to worship in-person – “Through all the tumult and the strife, I hear that music ringing. It finds an echo in my soul. How can I keep from singing?” Yes, indeed, how can we keep from singing?

I bet as far as God is concerned, you never sounded better!




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