Community Meals

The Easter Community Dinners are free dinners for people in the church and the community who are alone on the holidays or who have nowhere to go or who cannot afford a holiday dinner or who just want to be in joyous community enjoying a holiday meal.


Church members donate hams, hors d’oeuvres, napkins and flowers. Local food stores donate coupons for food. The Local Scoop, an ice cream shop in Orleans, donates a big delicious ice cream cake. The Local Mission Committee supports these dinners from the church’s Local Mission Fund.


Our early dinners had hosted about 70 people. Since then the dinners have grown to over 100 people. Some of our guests have challenges of mind, body and spirit. Some are experiencing difficult circumstances. Others welcome companionship.


The dinner welcomes all of the community – the purpose is not to add to our membership roles. The purpose is to create community and a shared meal for all who seek it. We are blessed to have their company.

Here are some images of Easter Breakfast:

2016 Easter Breakfast 8
2016 Easter Breakfast 10
2016 Easter Breakfast 11
2016 Easter Breakfast 9
2016 Easter Breakfast 7
2016 Easter Breakfast 6
2016 Easter Breakfast 4
2016 Easter Breakfast 5
2016 Easter Breakfast 3
2016 Easter Breakfast 1
2016 Easter Breakfast 2
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