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Habitat For Humanity

The Cape Cod Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1988. Among the founders were members of our church including current member, Helen Grogan. Now there are more than 100 Habitat Homes on Cape Cod. This church has been particularly supportive over the years with volunteers and financing. 

In 2012, The Federated Church sponsored Habitat's 75th home on Cape Cod right here in Orleans.  We supported the building of a new affordable home through a $50,000 contribution and a commitment to partner with the homeowner and all the many volunteers and staff who are part of this wonderful ministry.  The lot on which the home was built was also donated by our church, thanks to a generous donation of the land to our church by long-time member Nan Cook in memory of her husband, Bill.  Our church also gave an additional $5,000 to Habitat for Humanity International to support their housing ministry in Haiti.


Christina Macort and her daughter, Chloe, moved into their new home in March, 2012.  Christina contributed over 250 hours of sweat equity as she joined with Habitat's many volunteers in the construction of her home.


There was incredible enthusiasm on the part of our members in contributing their time and talents to this wonderful mission project.  Over 100 members and friends of the church worked in construction, at the registration table, providing food and drinks, and in many other ways during construction.


The dedication held on Sunday, March 18, 2012, is shown above. You will spot several of our members who participated!

In 2013 our church was honored to receive the "Habitat Partner Award" from the Cape Cod affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.

We continue to support this project enthusiastically each year!

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