Zoom is a video conferencing service that enables large groups to meet from their individual homes.  We are using it extensively during the COVID-19 crisis, while we practice good social distancing, but crave a feeling of spiritual community. Starting Sunday, April 19, we will use Zoom for worship.

Our Zooming so far

The basic idea is that a member of FCO (Rev. Jennie or other member) starts a Zoom meeting and has Zoom send invitations, like the example to the right, by email to the appropriate recipients: members of a particular committee or other group, or in the case of Sunday service, the entire congregation. Each recipient must download the Zoom App at which point they can join the Zoom call. Normally, each participant in the call see each other on their screen in a checkerboard fashion. Yes, you are on TV with your fellow Zoomers!  Go ahead and wave to your friends!  For your friends who do not have computers, they can call in by phone and at least hear the others. Especially in these times of isolation due to the virus, the feeling of togetherness is pretty wonderful! Here's what a small meeting looks like (that's Louisa hiding in the dark upper left corner!):

During the COVID-19 crisis, all services will available live on Zoom, or live on YouTube.

How to use Zoom:

Follow these 2 steps:

  1. Download the Zoom App. Click here to do so, and click the "Download" button under "Zoom Client for Meetings." When prompted, click "Run".

  2. Join a meeting by clicking the link in an email invitation from FCO, like in the graphic below.


Need more help?  Please see A Quick Guide to Zoom.

Example of email invitation to Zoom Meeting

The Southern New England UCC Conference (SNEUCC) has created an excellent set of instructions to help you obtain the Zoom app and then join our meetings.  Please see A Quick Guide to Zoom.

Additionally, Zoom has a good video on joining a meeting. Click here to watch it. 

Happy Zooming!

If you need help, contact the office at (508) 255-3060 or email.

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