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Youth Programs

Five of our wonderful youth, all of whom have gone through our Sunday School program, were  confirmed in June 2019. 

Here's what two of them said about their experience with StreetReach, a homeless support organization in Hyannis:

My experience at StreetReach opened my mind and eyes to what hard times there are in people’s lives. Not everyone’s life is always positive. When you talk to the people at StreetReach you really get to know what happened to them, who they are, and get a sense for where they are on their life’s journey. Making any of the people I talked to smile always made me feel great because they are all going through tough times in their lives. Sharing a simple daily event like breakfast with the homeless made this issue real to me. It has inspired me to do more service work in our community. Thank you Federated Church of Orleans for providing this opportunity to serve with my confirmation class.
- Ethan Boyle

My experience at StreetReach was good. I really enjoyed helping the people and getting to know them. Also seeing how people really need help out there and when they got the help they needed and the food seeing the happy smile on there faces.
- Ben Calsson

Confirmands 2019.jpeg
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