Goal: eliminate single use plastics at the Federated Church

The Care for Creation (C4C) team is working towards the goal of eliminating Single Use Plastics at the Federated Church! We are all becoming aware of how we are drowning in disposable, one-time use plastics on our beaches, our streams, roads and waterways - just about everywhere! C4C has produced an informational pamphlet entitled “Tackling Plastic Pollution” and hosted a forum on 10/27 immediately after church entitled “Stewards of the Planet” to introduce the pamphlet and share ideas about how we can support each other individually and as a church family to continue reducing our use of plastics at church.

Our goals are: No plastic water bottles (we have filtered water and pitchers in the kitchen)

No single use plastic ware - utensils, plates, bowls, cups

No styrofoam cups, plates, bowls

Dishwasher training available on request Care for Creation Team members: Jan Brink, Mary Lee Mantz, Cathy MacDonald, Jeff Talmadge, Emily Whittemore, Cheri Tyree (Chair) (302) 463-0886

Monthly committee meetings: Sun. Nov. 17 and Dec. 8 immediately following the service. All are welcome!

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