“The Optimist”

“Why live to be 100?” asked my friend. “Isn’t ninety enough to make a good end?” I replied “I think of the things I would miss if, at ninety, I stopped and simply died.”

- Thousands of mornings to see the sun rise in a glorious blaze in the eastern skies.

- Moons to wax and wane anew, trillions of stars in the midnight blue.

- Ten springs to see the lilacs bloom as their fragrance drifts across my room.

- To see new leaves on the maple tree as the birds return and sing to me.

- Ten summers to feel the ocean breeze as whales cavort in blue-green seas, to watch the hawks on the thermals rise into the blue of summer skies.

- Ten more harvests to celebrate of apple and peach and pear and date.

- To anticipate the vintner’s wines from fresh new grapes on ancient vines.

- Ten more autumns in which to see the change of color on every tree, russets and golds and reds ablaze to brighten the ever-shortening days.

- Ten winters of freshly fallen snow on mountains above and valleys below.

- Of cherry-cheeked children on skis and sleds, of blazing hearths and soft warm beds.

- Ten Christmas seasons of church bells rung, of mince pies eaten and carols sung.

- Of families gathered to celebrate the wonder of that age-old date.

- Ten more New Years to welcome in, to wonder what the year will bring.

- Will there be a new baby for me to see? A great-grandchild on my family tree?

- I strive for another decade of living, of hoping and praying and loving and giving.

- And, if I reach one hundred, what then? Why, I’d plan to live to one hundred and ten!

~ Cape Cod Times 10/10/19 edition “Dear Annie” ~ Beryl in Keizer, Oregon

Thank you Martha Livingston for sharing this.

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