Q2 Giving

The church’s Local Mission Committee, at its quarterly meeting on May 10th, gave $39,850 from the Virginia Cook Trust Fund to local charities and a further $3,500 from the Local Mission Outreach Fund (line A-13 in the church Budget).

From the Virginia Cook Fund, we gave $7,850 to the Lower Cape Outreach Council to cover tuition costs for 14 clients participating in the HopeWorks Program. This money enabled the clients to begin, continue, or complete education programs leading to qualifications for full-time jobs. We gave $10,000 to the Homeless Prevention Council to support their Youth Outreach and Resident Services programs. This grant will allow HPC to expand their case management to youth at risk of becoming homeless and will enable HPC to help people who are in affordable housing to avoid eviction. We gave $2,000 to Elder Services to bolster their Virginia Cook fund for helping elders on the Lower and Outer Cape. We donated $5,000 to Cape Cod Children’s Place to replenish their Lower Cape Emergency Child Care Fund—a fund this church helped establish 22 years ago and has supported ever since. We gave $10,000 to the Meeting House Preschool, which is housed in the basement of our church, for scholarships to needy kids in our community. And we granted $5,000 to the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to help them continue, expand, and strengthen their Conservation Science School Education Program. Students in our local schools are taught both in class and in the field about Cape Cod’s ecology, habitats, and wildlife in hopes they will grow up to be ecology-minded adults. Because this is a first-time donation, it will doubled by the Seaside Le Mans Matching Challenge.

From the church’s Local Mission Outreach Fund, we gave the following grants: Sharing Kindness, Inc. $1,000, A Baby Center $500, CapeAbilities Farm $500, Homeless not Hopeless $500, Independence House $500, and Alzheimer’s Family Support Group $500.

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