February update on preschool

It has been a while since we last spoke, the preschool is alive and well. If you did not know, The Federated Church of Orleans is home to the Meeting House Preschool. The preschool is located in the lower level (the basement). This is why you may see little ones running around the playground on a sort of warm day or crossing the parking lot holding their parents’ hand. The preschool enrolls children from all over the Lower Cape, from Wellfleet to Harwich. Their ages are 2.9 years of age to age 5! The Meeting House Preschool has been here since 1974 and no, I was not the director at the time. Interestingly though, I have parents who once attended this very preschool, now, enrol-ling their children. I appreciate the teachers that came before me, they have made lasting memo-ries for families and their children. I can only hope that I can do the same.

I am delighted to tell you that thanks to the contributions from The Federated Church Parishioners and Preschool Friends, the Annual December’s Cookie Walk raised $944.00 for the enrichment fund. YEAH!!! I would like to thank everyone who spent days baking cookies. In addition, I would like to express gratitude to the families for their donation of their time on Sunday morning. I hope all of you enjoyed the Cookie Walk.

During the month of January, we spent the month rejoicing the season of winter. The preschool children traveled to the Arctic (North Pole) and the Antarctic (South Pole). We studied the animals’ habitats in these areas of the world. We were learning about cold-loving animals: polar bears, penguins, walruses, artic foxes, orcas, snowy owls (a Cape Cod visitor in the winter) and more. Why is a polar bear white? Or why the artic foxes changes their fur in the season of winter and summer? We were discussing the food chain and how animals survive in their environments.

I get great satisfaction from discovering new things, new concepts; that is what I love to share with the children; my passion of discovery. I know when, I have delivered my lesson with enthusiasm and can see the spirit of learning in their eyes. Call me crazy but I can catch a glimpse of their minds formulating questions of who, why, when, how, where, and the ever popular “You know, Mrs. Vigneau”. They proceed to tell their explanation, share their dreams, and they communicate their knowledge of the subject with me. If they ask a question, I don’t know an answer too, I tell them “let me look that up”. With funds from the enrichment fund, the preschool purchased science kits for each month! This past month, we learned about “Super Absorbent Polymers”, the real chemical name cross-linked polyacrylamide gel. Water causes these polymers to expand and absorb as much as 100 times their weight in water. We experimented with instant snow, then jelly crystals, and even a diaper. We took two different SAP alligators graphed their size in the beginning then we soaked them in warm water. Guess what happened they GREW!! Why, you may ask? They absorbed the water. Polymers are water thirsty!! However, the alligators were not alive, no breathing or eating. The children were amazed by the experiments, the questions were in abundance, and they wanted me to do more! It is the tiniest of questions, which bring a sense a wonderment to the classroom, to the teachers, to the children and to their families. What will the answer be to the next question? Check out our experiments and other enjoyed activities on our Facebook Page!!

In addition, thanks again to the church community for all your support in making our preschool a success.

Sending Peace and Good Health to All,

Maureen Vigneau, Preschool Director

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