Green Tips for January 2019

Jan 3 Start the year with a resolve to do more to reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time improve your own and your family’s health. Eating more whole-foods that are plant-based may reduce your risk of developing heart disease, certain cancers, cognitive decline and diabetes. This week have at least 2 fewer meals without meat. You can find hundreds of recipes on the internet. A LITTLE less meat eating from EVERYONE makes a huge difference. Go to the website How You Can Fight Climate Change for more ideas on taking action to save our beautiful planet.

Jan 10 This week have 2 different meatless meals – keep them low in fat, salt and sugar. Try something new. Use organic ingredients when possible. Check out to find local products. Food produces about 8 tons of emissions per household, or about 17% of the total. Worldwide, new reports suggest that livestock agriculture produces around a half of all man-made emissions.

Jan 17 Many of us have heard the oft-quoted statistic that American households throw out around a third to the food they buy. Keep your food out of the landfill! Practice FIFO – ‘First In, First Out.’ When you unpack your groceries, put the new in the back of the frig and the old in front and use it first. Plan meals to avoid food waste. Buy food without packaging or minimal packaging. Bring reusable produce bags for fruits and veggies. Learn how to freeze your food without plastic in freezer wrap, so it doesn't go to waste.

Jan 24 Support restaurants that purchase their products from locally owned markets. These restaurants support local farmers and get the most sustainable sources of produce and other food. It may sound like a difficult task, but there are many of them available if you simply ask. Remember to bring your own container for leftovers.

Jan 31 Time to sign up for a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) – a weekly box of fresh local vegetables that you pick up at a farm. If you think a full box might be too much, share with a friend or neighbor. Check out the websites for these farms: CapeAbilities in Dennis, Halcyon Farm in Brewster, Chatham Bars Farm in Brewster, Cape Cod Organic Farm in Barnstable Village, Bay End Farm in Buzzard’s Bay, Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth, Crow Farm in Sandwich.

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