Trustees report - Nov/Dec 2018

As I write this Christmas has not yet happened, but when you read this it will already be the new year. On behalf of the Trustees, we hope that your holidays were happy and blessed. During November and December the majority of the work and focus for the Trustees and the Finance Committee were devoted to developing a proposed Budget for 2019 that will be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting later in January. For anyone who has participated in the budget development process, you know how much work is involved. The Finance Committee met weekly since late October and discussions were thoughtful, lengthy (sometimes heated!) and focused on the task; but always respectful. Each line item was reviewed and deliberated over. Everyone's goal was to make decisions that would be in the best interest of the church going forward as it serves the spiritual needs of its members and friends, as well as its important mission outreach work. As the process of creating a budget is repeated each year, there ensues lively discussions and before it is passed everyone has had an opportunity to vote. This always reminds me of how important this participatory process is. Before joining the Federated Church I belonged to a variety of churches over the years. Without exception the congregations never had any say in major decisions, including the budget. So as much work, angst and care go into preparing and ultimately passing a budget, I am glad to be a part of it. In my mind this is an excellent example of "Grassroots Democracy" at its best. Unfortunately, early in the budget process, our Treasurer Eric was called away for a family emergency. In the interim we were very grateful to Ernie Rogers who stepped into the role of Acting Treasurer - to lead the deliberations and shepherd the budget through its many phases. Thank you Ernie !!

As a reminder, if you still have not returned your pledge card for 2019 you can mail it or drop it off at the church office. Pledges are the most important source of income for the church and we rely on everyone's support.

The Trustees approved replacing the five computers in the building (Pastor, Admin, Music, Sexton, Treasurer). These computers were using very outdated software. The cost for the hardware, software, and installation for 5 new computers was approx. $5,814.

The hot water heater in the Upper narthex bathroom was replaced; Pierre completed the Serve Safe food course; the parking lot speed bumps were painted with white striping for safety when walking in the area at night; and Emmaus House passed inspection but we were required to block the front of the fireplace for safety.

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