Sacred and Safe Spaces for Artists

Cape Cod is alive with artists of ALL genre! You do realize that, don’t you? Painters, sculptors, writers, poets, actors, musicians, directors, composers and playwrights, for starters. I have never experienced the kind of acceptance and affirmation that is here for these special persons and for their output. I’m ONE of those persons! Pianist, Organist, Musical Director, Playwright, Actor, Singer (sometimes) AND excessively appreciative audience member whenever I get the chance.

The Federated Church of Orleans embodies a unique mission in our Ministry of Music. We are privileged to share in the nurturing and affirming of a host of these wonderful Cape Cod artists. In every gathering here, we experience multiple forms of artistic endeavor and output from our members and friends. We are a welcoming, malleable audience. I know. I’ve felt it as we’ve experienced guest artists and our own members sharing their crafts. Poetry, floral displays, piano music, choral singing, scripture reading, preaching. The list is endless.

Those opportunities to welcome both accomplished and budding artists in a wide variety of genre is an important and enriching aspect of our presence here in Orleans. Thank you, congregation, for your enthusiasm and encouragement for these unique individuals. And thank you, artists of ALL stripes and levels, for your output, your honesty, and your bravery. Your work is sacred to all of us. And you are always safe here at The Federated Church of Orleans.

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The Federated Church
of Orleans

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East Orleans, MA, 02643

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