Meeting House Preschool August update

The preschool year is about to begin; it is always tough to predict what each child will be liked at the school. During my twenty-two years in the early childhood field each year is unique from the next. I am asked the question: what are you planning to teach for the first month? My answer is always the same “Getting to Know You”. (Puzzled?) How can I teach when I haven’t learned? The children bring a sense of wonder and curiosity to the classroom one may know their colors, one may know their shapes. In a way, we are learning from each other and we are getting to know each other, our likes and dislikes, our interests and our, well, not to today academic interests, our temperament and our personality changes the dynamics in the classroom- and it is amazing to watch the transformation of the children as the year progresses. A few years ago, I had a youngster fascinated by dinosaurs that is all he could talk about and from him I learned about dinosaurs. To this day when I see him, we have a connection of the dinosaurs and in a conversation he told me what he learned from me: “how to be a friend”. I did not have that written down in my lesson plan but somewhere, it was there. So, each year the teachers and I plan to teach the ABC’s and the 123’s but just maybe there is a little more in the plan that we haven’t discovered.

I look forward to keeping the church community up to date of all of our activities. Be sure and view our bulletin board in the Vestry. Each month we will post samples of art work, photos of the children, and special visitors, and our monthly calendar of events. As always we greatly appreciate all of the support the church community provides us. Thank you!

Peace & Good Health,

Maureen Vigneau

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