At Peace

It is late spring. We are walking along the path and we hear the sweet song of the Black Capped Chickadee, the breaking of sticks beneath our steps, mosquitos and bumble bees buzzing.

Fragrant flora and fauna surrounds this precious place. I spy a bed of deep red Trillium. And then we see the white ones. The ferns are vivid green, a few fiddleheads remain here and there. Deep green moss blankets the tree trunks. The rocks along the path are big and bold; some are tenderly painted with lichen. The sunny patches of earth are filled with overgrown grasses and little white flowers; soon to turn into wild strawberries. A blanket of bushes throughout the forest hang on to miniature green balls. With perseverance, these funky look-ing balls will soon turn into magnificent raspberries with there splendid smell of yummy. Butterflies and moths dance about.

Great Oaks, White Pines, Balsams and Maples abound. Roots, growing over and around large Adirondack boulders, offer a moment of contemplation. We see mushrooms of varying colors and sizes. The smell of dirt fills the air. We can now hear the roar of the water. A cool dampness envelopes the woods.

And there it is, in all of its majestic beauty. We have arrived at Auger Falls on the Sacandaga River. We are at Peace, surrounded by this incredible wilderness.

~ Kimberly Denis

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