The Reflection

Visiting Marconi area. We come upon the White Cedar Swamp Trail.

We have had some very cold nights, frost in the mornings and the days are beginning to warm. The sunshine is bright today. Suddenly, I am reminded of the maple sap that is running through the sugar maples up north.

As we wander through the woods, I am mesmerized by the oaks and pines, many have bent and twisted trunks … reaching for the sun. Winters mat lay think under my feet. I can see some bright greens through the thicket. I am ready, as is this earth and its beings, ready for the warmth of spring. As we meander deeper into the trail, the forest begins to change. I am mystified by the abundant beauty. How pre-cious our world is. How blessed I am to be part of it.

The canopy of white cedar conceals most of the sunshine; however, every now and again a blaze of light pokes through. As we walk along the boardwalk, suspended over the swamp, I look down. Every speck of autumn … leaves hued in brown, deep orange, maroon and yellow, sticks and twigs, rotting tree trunks, which are wrapped in lustrous green velvet blankets, shrooms and moss, sand and rocks, all lay un-touched, frozen in time through the pane of glass. It is beautiful. It is quiet.

The ice and its mirrored reflection from the canopy memorializes this amazing, glorious and mysterious world that we are all a part of.

How lovely!

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