In this season of Resurrection

In this season of Resurrection, we are blessed by our wonderfully ecumenical world in which we receive inspiration from clergy leaders of many traditions. In a recent interview, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, told of the moment he knew he would be committing his life to the Christian way. He was a student at the University of Cambridge in England. He recalls speaking with a fellow student one evening for over two hours. It was a pivotal time, for he was trying to faithfully discern the direction his life would take. Just before midnight that evening, he fervently prayed a very simple prayer:

“Lord Jesus, come into my life” “Everything about you Jesus, come into my life”

At that moment, something within Justin Welby changed and, he says, stayed changed since; even through all his life’s ups and downs. The next day, his friend gave him a Bible. His friend inscribed the Bible with the words from Jesus in John 15:16:

“You did not choose me, but I chose you; and I appointed you to go and bear fruit.”

I invite you to see what would happen to your life of faith, if you prayed – with all your heart, mind, and soul - this simple prayer:

“Lord Jesus, come into my life”

And I wonder, how has God chosen you and appointed you to bear fruit?

Love, Sally

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