Short stories, poems, etc...

“Solstice Epiphany”

Grass blades crunch with frost as I trudge the shadowy path head bowed into the wind

Bare branches cut dark etchings against an angry sky The bleak earth tips on its creaking axis bending from the clouded sun as the old year pours its last days onto the frozen ground Then it starts—one flake at first, now a hundred dizzying, swirling snowflakes fill the air and land with icy loveliness on my sleeve and upturned face. The earth becomes the flake-filled glass globe of my childhood - a place where, with a tip of the wrist, I could erase my dreary landscape and create a world of snow-filled magic.

~ Anita Mewherter from Shells In My Pocket


WINTER is... W = Warm nights cuddled with blankets, warm hands wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate, white woods, woolen mittens, wintry mix, wet, windy, warmth from the fireplace, wonderful! I = Ice Skating, icicles, ice fishing, ice sculp-tures, ice-kissed cheeks, ice pellets, ice dams, isolation, igloos made from blocks of snow, in-vigorating, ice shanties and jeep races on fro-zen lakes. N = New Year, new beginnings, northern, nippy cold nights, napping, nutmeg spiced cider, numbing and Northern stars numbering in the thousands. T = Toasty tootsies, thawing mittens, tranquil forests. E = Extreme cold, enchanted snowflakes fall-ing, exhilarating. R = Relentless snow and ice, relaxing with a book, remembering summer, refreshing, rejuve-nating oneself, rain that freezes on everything it touches.

~ Kimberly Denis Winters in Upstate New York, Adirondack Country

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