How are you – and how is the church -- doing with the New Year’s Faith Resolutions?

On New Year’s Eve morning – Sunday, December 31 – we gathered for breakfast in the Vestry and then made our way to the Sanctuary for the worship of God. During our worship, we reflected on New Year’s Faith Resolutions for ourselves individually, for the church/community, and for the world. As a reminder, here are the Faith Resolutions which have been posted in the Vestry since New Year’s Eve. They are deep, thought-filled, beautiful, poignant, bold. How are we/you doing on them? Are there any new ones to add?

  • “As a relatively new permanent resident of Orleans, I would always like to see more community outreach – affordable housing, land conservation, etc.”

  • “For world: more compassion and empathy. How can I model this?

  • For church: increase celebration of the joy God can and does bring in our lives.

  • For self: strengthen relationship with God by study, prayer, listening, and awareness.”

  • “Though I believe I am not biased about other faiths and ethnicities, I know that at times I am, and know I must understand this and be informed”

  • “I/we need a little mercy now. How do we keep mercy in our lives?”

  • “More pick-up fellowship events like this morning (referring to breakfast). Find solace in peace, hope, and love in these troubling and trying times, individually and together.”

  • “continue to help those in need. Be thankful for my family”

  • “Develop communications within the church to be a community of justice”

  • “Be together; Live together; Work together; Worship together”

  • “To be more sensitive to others and to be more empathic”

  • “Stay positive with daily activities; spiritually in contact with God daily; as the day goes along, say “Hi” to people in passing around town. Keep and reflect a lot of positive thought and smile. No frowning. Stay positive.”

  • “To complete the story of my blessed life guided by faith. It is my hope that this story will guide my beloved young family, my descendant to find and strengthen their faith.”

  • “To sense more clearly the warmth of being enfolded in the love of God and sharing that warmth”

  • “To be a rock for those in need”

  • “Creating time and space to feel God’s presence”

  • “1. Learn more about the Bible. 2. Learn to live on God’s timeline and accept his plan for me. 3. Learn to give “thanks to God” for all my blessings. 4.Share God’s word of peace with others.”

  • “To allow God’s spirit of Peace to live within me in order for me to approach all with that sense of peace and grace.”

  • “Me: carry my faith into action via new “green” initiatives

  • Church: draw new members (with kids); Sunday School / kids back

  • World/Country: focus on what binds us not tears us apart”

  • “Either through our church or individually, I resolve to reach out to those people who are in despair and hopeless in our own town, country, or another country. I feel the need to transfer my concern and compassion into concrete action”

  • “Awake every morning in a state of gratitude to God – not in a state of sadness or worry which is self-centered”

  • And from the tie that Pastor Bob wore on December 31:

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