Local Mission grants

A Helping Hand to Our Neighbors in Need

Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you. Matt. 5: 42

Local Mission Committee grants awarded from the Virginia Cook Trust Fund at our November 17 meeting:

1. Cape Mediation - $4000. This organization, staffed primarily by extensively trained volunteers, provides free mediation services to citizens of the Lower and Outer Cape at the Orleans District Court. Our grant money will go toward paying the Coordinators, who play a crucial role in liaising with judges and court officials. In the past year, according to Executive Director Carol Connolly, 79% of eligible cases agreed to mediation and 79% of those reached binding agreement; 99% of those involved in these cases said they would recommend mediation. We thanked Carol and her volunteers for being true peacemakers.

2. CAPE COD CHILDREN’S PLACE - $5000 for their Emergency Child Care Fund [in addition to the $5000 we gave them last April]. This Fund is available to all families living on the Lower and Outer Cape who need help paying child care fees for their children from birth through school-age. In their application, CCCP thanked The Federated Church for past support: “We greatly appreciate the many years of support provided to this Fund by your Committee, without which the Lower Cape Emergency Child Care Fund would not now be continuing to meet families’ needs.”

3. LOWER CAPE OUTREACH COUNCIL - $5000 for their Hope Works Program [we also gave them $4000 last February]. The money will be used to help pay tuition and expenses for local clients of LCOC who qualify for certificate training programs. Earlier this year, six clients were sent to Emerson Nursing Assistant School, thanks to the Virginia Cook Trust Fund, where they all completed CNA training and now have full-time work with benefits and career paths. We applauded LCOC’s effort to get out ahead of the cycle of poverty and temporary jobs on the Lower Cape.

4. ELDER SERVICES - $2500 to use for one-time gifts of up to $250 to residents of the Lower and Outer Cape who are experiencing dire need. Elder Services provided detailed accounts of how they used the $2500 we gave them last fall. We agreed to give another $2500 to what they appropriately call their “Virginia Cook Fund.”

5. MASONIC ANGELS BEEHIVE FUND - $1500. One hundred percent of the money goes toward buying school supplies for about 165 needy kids at elementary and middle schools in Orleans, Wellfleet, Brewster, and Eastham; all labor is by volunteers. The schools determine which kids are needy and hand out the supplies. Meanwhile, 100 needy kids are walking around Orleans, Eastham, and Brewster keeping warm in winter coats provided by the Masonic Angels and paid for by The Federated Church in September.

6. SIGHT LOSS SERVICES - $2000 to be used with senior citizens from the Lower and Outer Cape to help pay for transportation, education, outreach, speakers, newsletters, and support group stipends. This marks the first time we have supported Sight Loss Services, which helps some members of our congregation. The organization will sign an agreement (similar to the ones we have with Elder Services and Vets Outreach) to use the money for clients from the Lower and Outer Cape.

7. CALMER CHOICE - $10,000 for the coming academic year. Part of this money will be used to pay for Orleans Elementary School to train a staff person as the school transitions to a Calmer Choice Partner School. The Committee strongly supports Calmer Choice’s efforts to provide training to our children that will give them tools to help avoid the pitfalls of anxiety, drug abuse, and even suicide. We especially applaud Calmer Choice’s progress toward making local schools self-sufficient by training some of their teachers to run the classes. The Principal of the Orleans Elementary School, Elaine Pender, wrote to thank this church: “Our partnership with Calmer Choice and The Federated Church has been an ideal association for the students and faculty. We value your assistance and support of our goal to raise vibrant healthy children.” This donation is very much in line with Virginia Cook’s own strong desire to help children.

8. THE HOMELESS PREVENTION COUNCIL - $3000 [in addition to the $7000 we gave them in April]. This money will go to support two new “start up” programs: 1) Outreach to Homeless Youth, which now includes a case-manager for at-risk youth; HPC is also hoping to launch a Drop-In Center in January, where homeless and at-risk youth can stop by after school to talk to case workers; any other clients who cannot reach them during business hours could “drop in” too. 2) Contracted Tenant Services, which aim to make sure that Lower Cape residents living in affordable homes maintain and retain their housing once they move in.

9. NAUSET TOGETHER WE CAN/YOUTH AFTER SCHOOL - $2000 [we also gave them $7000 in April]. This money is for expanding the after-school programs to serve more youth. There has been an uptick in student attendees at after-school programs—30 students have signed up, and an average of 16 attend on any given day. Paint and movie nights are also popular.

GRANTS FROM THE CHURCH OUTREACH FUND (A-11 in the Church Budget) Orleans Food Pantry - $500. Family Pantry of Cape Cod - $500. Gosnold-Thorne Counseling Center, Orleans - $500. Faith Neighborhood Kitchen (filling in for Calvary Baptist Church) - $520. Meeting House Preschool (housed in our church) - $1000. Lower Cape Lunch Program (LOCAL) - $1000

Dallas Jones, Chairman Dallas Jones (Chair), Jean Colby, Bea Auty, Suzanne Calsson, Ann Phillips, Carol Richardson.

Please tell one of us if you know of a worthwhile local charity that needs help; our next meeting will be on February 23rd.

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