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Beautiful Winter Approaching

Windows washed, screens out, a clear view of the woods. Chipmunks and squirrels rushing, gathering winters feast. Porch chairs cleaned of summer- time webs. Sweep away the flow of leaves. Clean out flower pots, cut lifeless florals from gardens. Stow away the bird bath (will be missed). Find that temporary home for lawn furniture.

Heavy frost this morning, winter is approaching! Find the mittens, hats and shovels. Sky of blue is turning dismal gray. Strong northwest winds whip the last survivors off the oaks and maples.

It is cold and dark outside. Inside, the warmth of home surrounds me. Beef barley soup simmers on the stovetop. The sweet scent of baking bread makes me smile. Snuggle in for the night.

Morning glow. Fire place burning, rocking chairs face the embers. The wakeful smell of coffee fills the kitchen. Open the curtains...

A fluffy white blanket lays soft on the cold earth. Balls of cotton cling to the barren trees. Bright sun beams glisten in the white world. How beautiful this morning is…

~ Kimberly Denis

November Evening

Twilight comes early now I run toward home. Above the pond a lone goose hangs in the rising wind. One anchored skiff rides the choppy waves.

I savor the cold wind delight in dark, bare trees. Relish this time of slowing, a season to turn inward. Time to tighten the shutters bolt the door.

Inside my little house I hear rough winds rattle sashes Winter’s breath on window panes but cradled in old quilts I hold my dreams in teacup-warmed hands

~ Anita Mewherter

Still Stops Our World

Christmas a time for children

That is for certain

But for others

It is time to love your brothers.

A time where we do see peace,

Where fighting actually does cease.

Giving gifts and sharing with all,

When the world seems anew.

Like that first Christmas morn,

When Jesus was born.

A miracle that happened long ago,

Still stops our world and shines a glow.

~ Catherine Pulsifer

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