Rally Sunday is calling you

Greetings Dear Federated Members and Friends,

Join us for Rally Day on Sunday, September 10. Let’s make this new program year at the Federat-ed Church a year overflowing with God’s grace and joy, a year when we live fully into Jesus’ teach-ing of love, justice, and peace, a year when we proclaim Christ alive, a year when we are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to love and heal and renew all God’s creation.

There is something for each of you on Rally Day.

You may just need to come to worship to be refreshed by God’s Spirit in music, word, and prayer – Rally Day is for you!

You may just need to be among friends and feel the warmth and sustenance of fellowship – Rally Day is for you!

You may be keen to celebrate all the ways the Federated Church is making a difference in God’s world – Rally Day is for you!

You may be eager to find out how and where God is calling you to be in ministry this year at the Federated Church – Rally Day is for you!

And so, speaking of which, is God calling you to:

  • Be a greeter on Sunday morning

  • Help with coffee / refreshment preparation on Sunday morning

  • Be a liturgist for Sunday worship

  • Sing, Sing, Sing and Ring, Ring, Ring with the Chancel Choir and Nauset Ringers

  • Teach in our “one-room church school” once or twice a year?

  • Care for Creation

  • Advocate for social justice and peace and welcome

  • Cook and serve for the AIDS Support Group Dinner

  • Knit prayer shawls

  • Join with the twice-weekly exercise group

  • Be a part of the Friday morning Bible Study and other Adult Educational offerings

  • Participate in and be filled by mid-week contemplative worship in Advent

  • Strategize about new ways God is calling us to be a presence of love and transformation in the community

  • Learn more about Local Mission

  • Help with Habitat for Humanity

  • Help with mailing the bi-monthly Parish Visitor

  • Serve on one of our many committees or be considered by the Nominating Committee to be elected to a board

  • Etc, Etc, Etc…!

This is just a sampling of opportunities for ministry. There are too many to list here! But you’ll find out about all of them on Rally Day!

In an article in the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin (Spring / Summer 2017), the Rev. Dr. Stephanie Paulsell (our fabulous guest preacher on July 16) posed these questions to the new HDS graduates: “…this moment in history is making a claim on us all…Am I doing the work that is most necessary to do? Am I putting my best energies where they can be of most use? Am I being true to my commit-ments?” How would you answer these questions? They are as pertinent to each of us in this new program year as they are to a graduating student.

The “work” that God is calling you to do may simply be worshipping God and taking time for prayer. Or it may be becoming an active advocate for God’s hurting world. Or it may be continuing to make the Federated Church the awesome community of welcome that it is!

Here are some lovely quotes to ponder for no particular reason at all, except to revel in God’s love and joy.

Inspired by the wonderful talk on Jewish spirituality by Dr. Sharon Leder and Milton Teichman, here are some thoughts from Rabbi Abraham Heschel (I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology Abraham Joshua Heschel:)

“Faith is a blush in the presence of God” “Faith is real only when it is not one-sided, but reciprocal. We can rely on God only if God can rely on us.” “Worship is a way of seeing the world in the light of God” “All human history as seen in the Bible is this history of God in search of human beings.” And here is a simple paragraph on joy from the Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard: (Spiritual Writings Soren Kierkegaard; a new translation by George Pattison, 2010) So there is nothing easier to teach than joy – Alas! All one needs to do is to be always and in truth joyful. But this ‘Alas!’ signifies that this is not so easy; that is, it is not so easy to always be joyful…But out there with the lily and the bird, or out there where the lily and the bird teach joy, there is always joy.”

Let’s be in ministry together and bring the love and joy of God to the world. Let’s be a church that is the church of Christ alive!

Love, Sally

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