Rally for Peace and Unity in Diversity

Dear Beloved Federated Members and Friends,

On Saturday, August 19, there was a Rally for Peace and Unity in Diversity on the Orleans Village Green. This hastily organized rally was organized in just three days by the MLK Action Team (which I co-chair with Wesley Williams and Ken Campbell) in response to the horrific violence and bigotry in Charlottesville. Even on such short notice and in hot, steamy weather, over 150 people came! We sang all the great folk songs and spirituals of love and diversity and peace. We heard words spoken and lifted our voices in opposition to racism and in fervent call to love, unity, and peace. We held signs of love and diversity and peace and waved to cars going by. We received cheers of peace in response.

Cape Cod in general, and Orleans in particular, can be a model for people coming together with respect and dignity for each other. So, I’m wondering if you will join me in an effort? I mentioned this in my pastoral letter immediately following Charlottesville:

Can we take the lead in gathering small groups which are comprised of people who are different: different in race, faith, political beliefs, sexual orientation, age, economic status, nationality, etc. In these small groups, people who are different from each other will listen to one another, talk to one another, share their struggles and their joys, learn to love one another.

This is not an original idea. Indeed, it is an idea I learned from Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain. This church has been hosting these small groups to miraculous transformation both in the church and the community. All the diversity and difference I have mentioned exists on Cape Cod. Let’s gather these small groups and start talking. Let’s motivate other faith communities and organizations (Snow Library? Orleans Chamber of Commerce?) and towns to do the same. Listening and sharing and respecting stories of our deepest selves is a key to transforming hate into love. And what about this beautiful idea from Sue Miller: let’s start an Interfaith Prayer Group!

Who’s in and ready to work with me and Sue and others on this? Let me know!

Love, Sally

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