June reflections

The Meeting House Preschool promoted (graduated) four children this year to Kindergarten. These four children and their younger classmates supported the preschool’s community service projects.

This year the projects included:

  • Scholastic’s Reading 100 books for schools in low income areas. Scholastic supplied books to the school libraries.

  • Helped the preschool recycling program (cleaning/drying) and assisted Mrs. Vigneau with our compost worms.

  • Created lovely decorations for the Lenten Supper night and all items were made from recycled items that were donated to the preschool.

  • On our weekly walks, they helped pick up trash around the church parking lot to keep the environment clean and safe.

  • Prepared two meals and a dessert for the Aids Support Dinner.

  • They sang for seniors in early June and crafted beautiful flower pictures.

I am very proud of the preschool children; they truly show goodness from the heart. As for next year, my heart is opened to welcome new families. Pass the word on about our preschool, tell people about the happiness the preschool children bring into the world. I have a couple of “Thank You(s)” to say: Ross Witt-Long -“Mr. Ross” was very helpful to the preschool when it was licensing time; he was able to assist us when it came to the building issues pertaining to licensing. He was right on the JOB!! Thank You!

Ms. Connie Newell - “Connie” constructed numerous supportive tools for us to use in the classroom. Her talent is amazing. The games she created for us to use in the classroom; we will be using for a very long time. In addition, she used a lot of recycled materials. I can tell she was an outstanding teacher and she still is!! Thank You!!

On a side note, the Meeting House Preschool was re-licensed in May. The state of Massachusetts evaluates 315 individual items... the preschool had ALL 315 items in full compliance. The licensor said that it is very rare that a school receives a perfect score. Mrs. Kiklis and I are over joyed and relieved.

May we all remember how much our preschool influences lives of children and their families.

All your support continues the cycle for children that they may grow into wonderful human beings.

Thank you. I wish you all a happy and healthy summer.

Peace, Maureen

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