Minutes of 6/11/2017 meeting

Acting on environmentally-focused public policy issues:

  • After considerable discussion, agreed on text of letter to be sent to the Cape Cod Times, commending recent statement by UCC national leaders in response to Trump withdrawing US from Paris Climate Accord. All C4C members to be signatories (assuming CCT will print them). Agreed also to hold up on submitting letter until Tuesday, so Sally can convene small group to discuss a sensitive FCO issue that, though not on climate change, possibly relates to publishing of our letter.

  • Also agreed to ask Larry, Cheri and Jeff to develop detailed plans for (and eventually manage) a new network of church volunteers who will be available to express their opinions regarding important public policy issues with an environmental focus. Paul to announce this at next Sunday worship and in Parish Visitor.

  1. Greening of FCO covenant statement. Sally reported that she is convening a small group of church leaders (including some from C4C) to consider possible textual amendments and process for resolving this matter.

  2. Toward Level 2 of Green Congregation status. Paul gave each member a copy of the Green Congregation Level 2 proposed steps, with the request that between now and our next meeting, we each consider which of these steps (or reasonable alternatives) we would like to become focal points for the next stage of C4C's work. Major attention will be devoted to this topic at our next meeting.

  3. Update on our work with 5Cs outreach to Cape faith communities. Paul explained that he would like one or two C4C members to accompany Sally and him to a planning session at Barnstable UU on 6/22; the focus of planning will be an early-autumn event to which numerous Cape-area faith communities will be invited, in hopes of attracting them to greater attention to a greening of their life and work. C4C members will help provide leadership for that autumn event (possibly Oct. 14)

  4. Next C4C meeting. We shall not meet in July; instead our next meeting will be at 11:30 am, Sunday, August 6. Mark your calendars!

  5. July 4 Parade. Em reported that our church float will have a green theme and asked for C4C volunteers to assist.

Attending: Emily Boyle, Mary Lee Mantz, Larry Minear, Paul Minus, Sally Norris, Jean Souther, Jeff Talmadge, Em Whittemore, Ross Witt-Long

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