Me and My Siblings Dog Days of Summer

Running barefoot over dirt, sand and stone, through the wooded paths … The peepers, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, deerflies, fireflies, worms and snakes The picnic table...boat cushions to help me reach Grandpa’s for perch and bullheads...keep watch for the rock pile...his early morning breakfast...cold cans in the sleeping bags to wake us up The pond and the creek full of pollywogs...bellowing bullfrogs The beach - sun, sand, hot, breezy...walking “around the bend” The field...wild strawberries, carrying full pots...then strawberry shortcake Rainy days...monopoly, card games, lanyards, and mommy teaching us how to sew Irondequoit Island, the paths encircling, old abandoned fire place, sing “the worms climb in...”, tree climbing, the hill with wild blueberries...blueberry pancakes to follow Our canoe...paddling over still water, sailing across whitecaps...Falls Stream Swimming lessons, swimming, swimming and swimming Billy’s boat...water skiing Gathering round the camp fire night after night enjoying the site, sound and smell of burning pine... marshmallows, hotdogs, clambakes and popcorn No hot water, no shower, baths in the lake Waiting for daddy on Saturday evening, we get to ride on the bumper back to camp The milk man, a chance for chocolate milk...large cans of Charles Chips The wonderful dog days of summer at Piseco Lake!

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