Our new blog and a call for more content

First with Sally’s blessing and encouragement and then that of Church leadership, I have created a new element of the FCO website: a “blog”. It captures timely information on the vibrant activities and initia-tives of the church and is intended to be a living, breathing part of the website. Find the link to it under the far right menu, “News & Calendar”, or at http://www.fedchurchorleans.org/blog.

The website (minus the blog) as it is currently setup contains, with a couple of exceptions, information about us that is pretty timeless: who we are, our be-liefs, boards, our programs, our mission, etc. We do update it with sermons and events. But, otherwise, it’s static until a change is needed. But nowhere, until the blog, has there been a place for the day-in/day-out doings of the church. Think of all the material in each Parish Visitor. Yes, we link to the latest PV version on the website, but no history is kept. Thus, much of the wonderful work done by our amazing membership has a short shelf life. The blog is intended to fill that gap.

Initially, what exists are a subset of extracts from all of this year’s PVs, organized by “category”. The Cate-gories that we initially created are:

· Pastor Sally · Each of the 4 Boards · Justice Committee · Local Mission · Care for Creation (C4C) · Adult Education · Meeting House Preschool · Spiritual Reflections

Every “post” (what each blog entry is called) is placed in one or more categories. When you look at the blog, categories are in a light green color. The first post of the image above is under category, “Spiritual Reflec-tions”. Clicking on the category takes you to all posts in that Category.

So far, the content has simply been lifted from all Par-ish Visitors since the summer of 2016. But, we can do much more if you want to. Send me any content that you think is appropriate and I’ll add it. My email is jeffreytalmadge@gmail.com.

Joyously, Jeff

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