Meeting House Preschool April update

We are exploring the concept of “Life Cycles”. All living organisms have a cycle; plants, animals, insects, and humans. The children are fascinated by this topic. We will have creatures and plants that are changing before our eyes: ants, worms, caterpillars, ladybird beetles (ladybugs) and bean seeds.

The preschoolers themselves are on their own life cycle. Their astonishing transformation baffles the mind. Every year around this time; I begin presenting the preschool to interested families. I point out the work the preschool children have done and the activities that intrigue them. I remember when my preschoolers would not leave their mother’s side, or when they were not interested in writing their name or could not recognize their name or when they would not try the messy activities or they were contented to play by themselves and now they have a circle of friends. They certainly have changed. What a fascinating career; I get to see the marvels of children’s growth unfold before my eyes.

We have caterpillars in the classroom that have crystallized before our eyes then with no fan fare opened and appeared a butterfly. We can only keep those butterflies for only a short time. We will feed them and admire them. And then we must let them go. We will release them by the lilac bush whose branches just hang over the fence. The butterflies are eager to fly but hesitate for a moment on the flowers.

As the school year closes, we have witnessed the children’s own cycle; they have become independent, vibrant, and confident. They have truly bloomed into laughing smiling human beings. We have been blessed to be part of their lives.

With Love and Peace, Maureen

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