“Despite the protestations, one sometimes wonders if we are beginning to worship worship rather than worship God.” —D. A. Carson, Worship by the Book

What are your expectations in worship? Music? Doctrine – or dogma? Tradition? Contemporary? Thought-provoking? Ceremony? Ritual? Comfort? Challenge? Assurance? Quiet? Beauty? Dignity? Rest? Excitement?

Are they the same each Sunday? Do you want to hear and say the same things every Sunday? Do you look for a personal message? What do you take away from the experience? Is it helpful? Do your continued expectations keep you returning regularly? Does worship fulfill a need in your life? How often does something stay with you from Sunday’s worship here at FCO that makes a difference during your week?

I’d be very interested in hearing from any who would care to email me at with responses to these ideas. We are a community. Worship is a community activity on Sunday morning. Very often the elements of the Sunday service grow out of events, experiences and conversations of the past few days or weeks. The more of that we can incorporate into our worship, the more relevant the experience becomes for ALL of us. I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Blessings and peace, Glenn

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