Who, What, How, Why? Your responses.

On Sunday, January 22 we began a “visioning” about the “WHY” of the church (see my Parish Visitor article on page 2). The following are your responses to the questions on the insert in the worship bulletin. In some cases, I wasn’t certain which question was being answered so I put the response in both places. As you will see, your responses are quite impressive! Let’s get to work!


Why the church?

To bring the message of God’s peace and love to the world.

Church is a place where people gather to do God’s work, to worship, and to support each other. God’s love for us and our love for God allows us to be this Church.

To have consciousness of needs for justice, healing, mercy, and needs of the world here and beyond our borders.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with us.

Why not? Has always been, should always be now and in the future…Mission: not only us but far beyond our doors.

To re-focus the hopes and dreams of our country.

Because God is my strength and the purpose of my life however my small works in the church today.

To make Christ known in words and deeds of love.

Worship and mission to help the less fortunate

To remind people to be good to one another

To keep all of us heading for the light, building bridges, tearing down walls which divide and dehumanize us all.

To follow Christ’s message – fed the hungry, help the poor, comfort the broken hearted, welcome the stranger, etc, and to be clear that we are doing it in Christ’s name.

To form a community united through worship of Jesus Christ in striving for the common good, peace, love and justice.




Growing spiritually / intellectually.

To teach, encourage, fight for justice which means to understand and further love and peace.

To spread the words of Jesus, especially that: all are to be respected and valued; do unto others as you have them do unto you.

To birth the Divine Feminine in the world! (The Church must change or die).

To give to others love.


To treat others as we wish to be treated.

To teach.

To heal.

To love all people.

To provide a safe place to gather as a community.

To spread the love and power of Christ throughout the world!

To bring people together to praise the Lord and a place to gather to meet others and become a friend, if only to one person. To be accepted as who you are without question.

To enrich the church, community, all people in God’s loving word and teachings.

To implement Jesus’ teachings among our neighbors, our town and the world.

Our ability to worship God and so His work is stronger when we work together than by ourselves; “where two or three or more are gathered in His name.” We keep each other moving forward.

No barriers, total acceptance of others, and hopefully a unified community within the church.

To take care of one another and grow as a spiritual community.

Spiritual support; local outreach.


Peace and solace.

Caring for others.

Doing for others and going outside the church together to spread the Word through activities understood by all.

To bring people together in a place of worship and give us faith and hope to get through the difficult times in our lives.

To reach out to the community actively and continuously (more of a “How!”).

Communion, worship and sharing; to learn and grow in understanding of Jesus and God.

To be a voice (and to show) in the community for Peace and Love.

To proclaim and manifest the Gospel of Christ in all we do.

Appreciation for different strokes can bolster strength.

Caution in church allows a more clear view.

To promote community and fellowship among ourselves.

To serve God and others of all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs.

To spread the message of love and acceptance and tolerance and hope and peace through service and outreach.






Working together.

Trusting that God is my light and my strength, and hearing Jesus’ call to me, and the church, to follow in his ways of love, I believe the most important priority for the church is:

A ministry to all and fostering love and compassion through worship.

To nurture and empower.

Outreach to the community.

Shepherding our youth.

Carrying out the words of Jesus especially in the social realm.

Giving to others especially those in need.

Worshiping, togetherness.

Reaching out to the wider community! Yet, still serving those in our congregation in need.

To keep all of us heading for the light, building bridges, tearing down walls which divide and dehumanize us all.

To birth the Divine Feminine in the world! (The Church must change or die).

To become one in hearts and souls.

Reduce expenses.

Understanding the love of God and helping others.

Operating so that we can afford to do our missions.



Love within our community of faith and bringing that love to others.

To promote community and fellowship among ourselves.

To grow the church in children and young people.

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