Why is a polar bear white?

January brought a type of cold that even Frosty the Snowman would leave for warmer temperatures. The children leaped into the New Year with wishes of happiness.

We spent the month celebrating winter. Equipped with microscopes, magnifying glasses, insects, pictures of birds, magnets...Science experiments are taking place as you read this blog. The children are hypothesizing: why does the ice melt? Why does salt make it melt quicker? Why does it snow and rain? I am positive the children will discover the answers to their many questions. We are learning about Artic animals: polar bears, penguins, walruses, artic fox, snowy owl and more. Why is a polar bear white? We are conversing about the food chain and how animals survive in their environment. With our newly fallen snow, we painted the beautiful snow with rainbow watercolors. Then, all of sudden, CRASH!!! The giant colorful snow tower fell over, but why??

I get pleasure from discovering new things, new concepts; that is what I love to share with the children; my passion of discovery. I know when I have delivered my lesson with enthusiasm and can see it in their eyes. Call me crazy but I can catch a glimpse of their minds formulating questions of who, why, when, how, where, and the ever popular “You know, Mrs. Vigneau”. They proceed to tell their explanation, share their dreams, and they communicate their knowledge of the subject with me. And if they ask a question, I don’t know an answer too, I tell them “let me look that up”.

The other day, don’t ask me why, but a child asked “Why do cows have four stomachs?” Do you know the answer? I knew it had something to do with digestion. Well, I looked it up on the computer, and the answer is……. Cows have one stomach and four chambers. I won’t get into any more details than that because this is not a biology paper but I did share with the children the more detailed version with some primitive drawings. This small question brought a “wow factor” to the classroom that the children proceeded to talk about all day. It is the tiniest of questions, that bring a sense a wonderment to the classroom, to the teachers, to the children and to their families. What will the answer be to the next question?

I am pleased to tell you that thanks to the contributions from The Federated Church Parishioners the December’s Cookie Walk raised $684.00 for the Preschool Enrichment Fund. YAY!!! I would like to thank everyone who spent days baking cookies. I would like to express gratitude to the families for the donation of their time on Sunday morning. I hope you all enjoyed the cookie walk as much as we did.

Love and Peace,


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