Our Prayer Shawl Ministry

Today as I write, it is New Year’s Day, January 1, 2017. May it be a day filled with hope and gratitude. May we reach out toward the New Year with God’s love for one another!

Our church has gone through many changes during the over twenty years that I have been a member, but it has always been a church noted for its missions and outreach to our community and the world we touch. As is written in our covenant, “We work toward a time of peace for all people, trusting in an unknown future”.

In the spring of 2003 we began a new mission at our church which has become very dear to my heart. It is called the Prayer Shawl Ministry. It is a wonderful out-reach, which is personal, simple, and very symbolic of God’s love and care for each of us - especially at a time we are hurting.

Since 2003 our church has knit and given over 300 shawls - to our church members and also to others that we know who can use the special comfort of a Prayer Shawl. At this time we have about ten knitters, but we could use more. Most of the knitting is done at home but we meet once a month, on the third Monday of the month at 11:00 a.m. at one another’s house. The knitting is easy and the fellowship of being together is great. I love the symbolism of the prayer shawl. The shawls we knit are really very large scarves made of soft comforting yarn. While we knit we can say prayers for the person who will receive it. It is as if you are knitting silvery threads of prayers among the soft yarn. When the shawl is finished it is blessed and then it is ready to give to someone who may be in need of special love and care. When the shawl is given it represents the wrapping around of God’s love and comfort, that spirit we hope will engulf the recipient and support him or her. Smaller, white shawls are also knit to be given to a child or baby at the time of their baptism.

The price of the yarn is part of the mission out-reach of our church. There is no cost for the yarn either to the knitter or the person who receives the shawl.

At this time we have a good supply of yarn, in many beautiful colors. Winter and Spring are good sea-sons for knitting.

Think about joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

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