For the past several months the Friday Bible Study has been focusing on the Psalms. The Psalms are a variety of prayers, outcries, thanksgiving, celebration, etc. They are men and women who many years ago shared the good times, the times of sadness, anger, frustrations and celebrations they experienced in their lives.

For the second time in the past month I have asked the members of the Bible Study to write their own psalms: First when they faced some difficulty or frustrations in their lives and then this past Friday to write their Psalm of celebration. I decided to share some of these Psalms written by members of the Bible Study. I hope you find them as inspiring as they have been for me.

  • O God, when I feel worried about my life I just look at the beauty of the golden tree outside my window. When I feel discouraged and weak I walk on your beach and feel the pulse of the waves—always there—always beautiful. When I feel like weeping there is a knock on my door and I open it to a friend. The beauty and goodness of your world is always there if we look. Help me to fill the goodness every day and praise you who are always with me. Anita

  • O Lord, my God. Praise be to you for your steadfastness that you are always my source of Hope even when my Spirit fades. How marvelous is your patience when my confidence in you fails me. For you have shown me your Bright path to creative thinking and living - Praise be to you. Betsy

  • God of life, when all seems darkest you make the sun rise again, when pain encompasses us, your music gets us on our feet once more, evil may triumph for a season, but your grace endures for all time. May we sing songs of praise as long as we have breath, with whispered Amen’s and shouted Alleluia's.

  • Joy comes with the morning new light shines in our life. The sadness and anger are diminished. A new day dawns. God is still with us, we are not alone. Jane

  • On this Veteran’s Day - Thank you for the peace we know, the peace we can create, the peace we can share. Thank you for the compassion we know, the compassion we can create, the compassion we can share. Let all of us surrender our anger and find grace and love in the wind of each others hearts.

  • Lord, we are without words to express the depth of our savior. How does this happen in our world? What can we do to carry on? You tell us to have patience and to work for peace. Help us to carry out your word and to be the people you mean for us to be. We praise you, Oh Lord, and will try to remain calm and have faith that you will guide us to overcome our grief and follow the way of Jesus Christ.

  • The sun has risen, Praise the Lord. The sea sparkles with joy, Praise the Lord. A white salt spray rose signs of peace, Praise the Lord. People gather to pray, Praise the Lord. For God is good, Praise the Lord. God has delivered her children in the past, Praise the Lord. Our God of steadfast love will deliver his children again, Praise the Lord. And again, Praise the Lord so be it, amen. Praise the Lord. Judy

  • Dear God, please lift me up, please bring me comfort and hope. Help me to trust in you for you are good, for you are strong, for you are love. Bless me, bless us in the days ahead. Bring us peace and acceptance. Keep me humble for you are God, your ways are your ways. I praise you, I sing songs to you, I give you love. Please bless us all as we work together with respect, with love and with peace. Martha

  • We ask for your help, O God. Speak to us and give us hope to do your will, to lead us as you have in the past and we shall overcome.

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