Another exciting school year's underway

The days from summer slowly count down; the easy days of the sun start to fade. So, how do you start the new school year? As a parent, you are excited and apprehensive. The preschool children are excited and apprehensive, as well. Entering into the department stores to find the perfect first day outfit. Worried if your child will cry when you leave them at school or will you, actually cry as you watch yout son or daughter run away to play with new friends, not even looking back to say good-bye. As well as, searching for that perfect lunch box, wanting to make sure they have the greatest lunch. Wondering, if your child can even open the juice cup straw, can they wait and eat their sandwich first before the yummy cookies.

Many thoughts run through a parent’s mind before that first day, I remember those younger days very well, even though my children are older I still feel the first day anxiety. It is natural emotion.

Do you remember that first day at your new job?

Will you remember everything your new boss taught you?

Are you as prepared for the job as you thought?

It is all the same feeling. In time, we settle into the new routine and the new experiences. This year was no exception, we had children who raced right in and we had some who clutched tightly to their parents leg. We had parents who were all smiles and some who sprinted to their cars, trying not to shed a tear. But as September rolls on and we roll into Autumn, we are getting to know each other. Many have older siblings that attend the preschool, some went to the same daycare, and some have play-dates with each other, there are countless connections.

We, the teachers, have learned lots of new important facts about our new preschool children: how many dogs and cats they may have or lizards, their favorite color, or their favorite food. Today, we are learning about each other, and becoming a family, the Meeting House Preschool Family.

Best wishes for an exciting time in your life,


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