LEVEL 1 (of 3) of UCC "Green Congregation" Status

1. Hold an annual Earth Day Sunday complete with climate justice sermon, appropriate liturgy, and hymns.*

2. Form a “Green Team” to coordinate and motivate your efforts.*

3. Recycle as much as possible. If your municipality doesn’t recycle many materials, have a congregant bring them to their home for recycling. *

4. Help members reduce unwanted junk mail. *

5. Broadcast resources, tips, and upcoming events through a “Green Justice” column in your church newsletter or on the website.

6. Shift to Fair Trade, local, and sustainably sourced products for coffee hour and events. *

7. Screen environmental films and documentaries. Be sure to invite the broader community! *

8. Invite local experts to give presentations or hold panel discussions on environmental topics.

9. Conduct a Lenten Bible, book, or small group study on climate change or other environmental topics. *

10. Organize and/or participate in an event sponsored by 350.org or Transition Towns. *

11. a) Schedule an energy audit of church buildings [done!]

11b) Once you’ve figured out your carbon footprint and identified

inefficiencies, make a plan to gradually improve it. *

12. Put office machines on power strips and unplug rarely used appliances. Turn off power strips, computers, sound systems, and projectors when not in use.

13. Turn down the water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees. If you have a washing machine, turn off the hot water supply so it can only wash with cold water.

14. Install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators to use less hot water. *

15. Replace incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps with LED bulbs.*

16. Install energy efficient fluorescent lights/ballasts.

17. Light your holiday decorations with LED lights rather than incandescent bulbs.

18. Clean or replace air filters, radiators, heating ducts, and refrigerator coils regularly.

* = Item has additional link(s) to helpful resources, found at: http://www.macucc.org/files/websites/www/Green+Congregations+Challenge_document_6.15.16.pdf

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