This church’s Local Mission Committee, at its quarterly meeting on May 20th, drew on the Virginia Cook Trust Fund to grant financial aid to several local charities.

Meetinghouse Preschool (which meets in our basement): $6,550. This donation will provide a full-time scholarship for one needy child or part-time scholarships for several.

Homeless Prevention Council: $2,500. HPC asked us for this amount to cover costs of their Spring Newsletter, a critical fundraiser and outreach tool for the organization. The mission of HPC, a community-based charity, is to work with other advocacy groups, town agencies, and local churches to prevent people who are living on the edge from losing their home. In addition to helping out occasionally with missing rent payments and utility bills, HPC helps qualified clients with the other needs that accompany housing problems: food, transportation, financial counseling, and guidance in applications for state or federal assistance. HPC is staffed by professional case managers with many years of experience. Our church is proud to have provided many volunteers as well as strong financial support over the years to this valuable mission, including a $10,000 grant earlier this year.

Lower Cape Outreach Council: $3,000. This is another key charitable organization in our community that this church has strongly supported for many years with volunteers and funds. Faced with a growing number of unemployed and underemployed clients (as many as 4000 in 2014), LCOC kicked off a new program last fall aimed at helping these clients to become self-sufficient again.

HopeWorks offers fresh job listings once a week, access to job counseling and skills training, and help writing resumes and preparing for interviews. Even more crucially, it also provides financial assistance for tuition and technical training programs, certificate programs, and advanced degrees. The Federated Church gave HopeWorks $5,000 last fall to help get it started. This most recent donation of $3,000 is to finance tuition in new job skills.

Masonic Angels Beehive Fund: $1,000. The Beehive Fund has three components: food, school tools, and winter coats. We support all three. This donation is for school tools: packages containing pencils, crayons, notebooks, markers, glue sticks, loose leaf binders, colored pencils, etc. The packages are configured for either elementary or middle schools on the Lower Cape.

Cape Cod Children’s Place: $5,000. Located in Eastham, Children’s Place provides child care help to families in need on the Lower and Outer Cape so that parents can go to work. Some families only need to use the this service once, whereas others come back several times over the years because of recurring financial hardship; many of the clients are single parents, struggling to keep a roof over their heads. The Federated Church has been a mainstay of Children’s Place for many years, and this donation will go to support the Lower Cape Emergency Child Care Fund during the busy summer season, which is a peak earning time for many of the clients.

We also earmarked $1,000 from our church’s Local Mission Outreach Fund to help Cape Cod’s Elder Services, which are being forced to raise prices due to cutbacks in the State budget. Co-payments for adult day care and home care are going up, affecting members of our congregation along with many others on the Lower Cape. We will be meeting with Elder Services to determine the best way to allocate this donation and to explore ways that the Federated Church can help more. Stay Tuned.

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