The Deacon's Fund

Many church members are unaware that the Deacons have a special fund which was set up many years ago for the purpose of aiding church members who are in financial need. In the past, the fund has been used to purchase food cards which can be distributed by Sally to those in need. The Deacons Fund is outside of the church general funds, and is under the sole discretion of the Board of Deacons. A request may be made to the Pastor or Chair of the Board of Deacons if someone is having financial difficulties. All requests will be treated confidentially and disbursement of any funds for this purpose will be decided by the Pastor, in consultation with the Chair of the Deacons. In some cases, restitution has been made, but is not a requirement.

The Deacons’ Fund also allows the Deacons to make special purchases related to the worship needs of the church which are outside of the church budget. After noticing the Advent candles had seen better days, the Deacons used this fund to purchase new candles for the Sanctuary. The money collected from blue Deacon’s Envelopes in the pews goes into this account to help offset any use of the funds.

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