The children discover “Life Cycles”

This month, we are discovering the concept of “Life Cycles.” All living organisms have a cycle; plants, animals, and insects. The children are forever fascinated by this topic. In the next couple of months, we will have creatures and plants that are transforming before our eyes: ladybugs (lady bird beetles), worms, caterpillars and bean seeds.

We had caterpillars in the classroom thatchanged before our eyes then, with no fanfare, opened and appeared a butterfly. We kept those butterflies for only a short time. We fed them and were amazed by them. And in time we let them go. We released them by the lilac bush whose branches just hung over the fence. The butterflies were eager to fly but hesitated for a moment on the flowers that were not ready to open, yet.

Mrs. Kiklis and I had a delightful evening with our preschool families at our annual “Family Bowling Night.” I enjoy watching everyone have fun bowling but there is so much more that happens when we get together …we appreciate we are a family, the Meeting House Preschool family.

We wish you all many thanks for your commitment to our preschool.

Peace and Good Health,


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