Meeting House Preschool April update

We have three new friends who became part of the Meeting House Preschool. The big news is they are boys! So far this year we have had one brave boy who has been playing with his “girl” friends. Now he and the ladies will have new adventures with these fine young boys. We are delighted to have them with us. In addition, two children have changed their schedules to join us for our longer day program. YAY!!

Many families are working hard to make ends meet; they pick up extra hours at their regular work or are working two or three jobs. It becomes a juggling act and can be very stressful for the parent as well as the child. We are trying to accommodate these scheduling changes for families, so they know that their child is in a warm and caring environment

Our enrollment process for the 2016-2017 Preschool Year has begun. There have been many inquiries regarding next year - this is promising.

We are excited about running, jumping, climbing, and swinging at the playground. The warmer weather is slowly moving to Orleans. Even with some cooler days, we did discover some flowers already peeking out of the soil - a sure sign that spring is almost here. The robins have started to make an appearance - a sure sign that spring is almost here. And…the teachers are very happy to be outside - a sure sign that spring is almost here. I hope all our friends enjoy the change of season.

As always, thank you for all your support.

Love and Peace,


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